AIM Photography Studio & AIM Productions
Cancellation Policy
The Client
May cancel this Agreement at any time prior to the shoot/event. To cancel or
reschedule, please contact AIM Photography Studio by email or social media. There is an additional $50 cancellation fee 24hrs before the booking. Once you have received the digital images, videos, or prints from your package . The service will be fulfilled and non-refundable

AIM Photography Studio 
May cancel at any time prior to this booking. If cancellation is needed, AIM Photography Studio must provide a suitable, replacement photographer, subject to the Client’s approval, which shall be obtained in writing. AIM Photography Studio shall refund all monies previously paid by the Client,
including the non-refundable deposit.
In the event a suitable replacement photographer is found, AIM Photography
Studio shall forward all monies already paid by the Client to the replacement

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