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AIM Photography Studio 
AIM Productions
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AIM Photography Studio is a Black-Owned Production Company based in San Diego, CA. Our goal is that our content and the stories behind them foster a greater appreciation for yourself and the environment you live in. Our expanded portfolio includes wildlife prints, studio photography, videography, make-up services, family portraits and events.        

Introducing The AIM Crew...  

Abayomi our Owner/Lead Photographer (center)

Abayomi I. Maddox has been a freelance photographer for 10 years. Born in New York and raised in the British Virgin Islands her passion started with photographing birds as a teenager.

Tay the MUA (Makeup Artist)/2nd Photographer (left)

Tay is the Makeup Artist here at AIM Photography Studio. She's been doing makeup for over 8 years now. So reach out to her for your next photoshoot or event!

X The Director (right)

X is the Film Director and Manager here at AIM Photography Studio. X directs the set (outdoor & studio), video concepts and storylines for any project you need. 


NeoSoul Tuesday's Photographer/Videographer

Instagram: @neosoultuesday

Every Tuesday at 9PM

Phantom Lounge and Nightclub

1014 Fifth Ave #140, San Diego, CA 92101

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FreeRootx Entertainment Photographer & 


Instagram: @freerootxent

Trusted Production Studios

Hendo Studios

4898 Ronson Ct Suite E, San Diego, CA 92111

Picture Flicks Studio

5863 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, CA 92120

3SG Studio, LLC

1488 Pioneer Way #11, El Cajon, CA 92020

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